The Alpha Team

Alpha TeamThank you for your interest in volunteering! As an Alpha volunteer, your love and service is a powerful witness of the love of Christ to those you encounter in this ministry.  It is our goal to make each participant feel loved, welcomed, and at home. Your efforts and contribution, whether in the front lines or behind the scenes, will help reach this goal.

Jesus said, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45 NIV

The Alpha Team at BAC is a group of dedicated individuals who have a passion for serving.  Whether full-time professionals in their respective fields, students with loaded study schedules, or families or individuals with busy lives, they all make time to offer their help in the various areas of the Alpha ministry.  Have a look at the Volunteer page to see the amount of help and organization needed to run an Alpha Course. Each role and member of the Alpha Team is important.

Alpha Volunteer Positions:

Alpha Volunteer Descriptions

Table Hosts/Co-Hosts:

  • Facilitate conversation and discussion in a group setting
  • Attend pre- and post-session meetings
  • Provide encouragement to newcomers
  • Training will be provided


  • Maintain daily prayer for Alpha during any of the events
  • Organize group prayer meetings/fellowships for Alpha events specifically
  • Regularly check “Prayer Blog” on Alpha website for prayer items

Set up Crew:

  • Set up tables, chairs, food tables, table decorations, coffee/tea table (cream, sugar, stir sticks, cups)
  • Prepare coffee/hot water urns, tea, juice
  • Place full water jugs on tables
  • Set up dishes, cutlery, serving spoons on serving tables
  • Set up registration tables and chairs, book table
  • Place name tags on registration table
  • Set up AlphaKids program tables and chairs
  • Prepare juice, water for kids
  • Place garbage cans

Clean up Crew:

  • Put away all tables, chairs, decorations, book baskets
  • Check the kitchen to be sure all is cleaned up and appliances are off/closed
  • Check all MPR windows are closed
  • Unplug all small decoration lights
  • Collect table clothes and provide to the volunteers who will be washing them
  • Empty garbage into the bin located beside the storage shed in the BAC parking lot


  • Welcome each guest with a smile and a handshake
  • Greet at the door and direct guests to registration table and their table seat
  • Inform guests that the dinner and Alpha/AlphaKids program is upstairs


  • Welcome each person with a hello and a smile
  • Provide guests with a name tag and inform them which table they will be seated at
  • Manage the registration/attendance list and any additional forms which need to be filled out (AlphaKids registration)

Book Table:

  • Set up and take down the books on the book table
  • Look after the cash float during book sales
  • Submit all money to the Alpha Director

Food Coordinator:

  • Prepare menu list
  • Coordinate meal preparation teams
  • Arrange for special meals (vegetarian, dairy free, pork free, or other)
  • Manage food budget for each session
  • Collect and submit food item receipts

Meal Preparation Team:

  • Prepare dinner to be served at 6:30pm
  • Provide list of ingredients for each meal (for those with allergies)

Kitchen Staff:

  • Check coffee, tea, hot water, juice are ready
  • Place dinner on serving tables, put out all condiments
  • Serve dinner to all guests
  • Serve dinner/drinks to Alpha kids
  • Load/unload all dishes, cutlery, pans etc. into/out of dishwasher
  • Make dessert and serve
  • Place all serving dishes etc. back in Alpha cupboard
  • Wash out coffee/hot water urns

AlphaKids Coordinator:

  • Plans the programs and activities for the AlphaKids
  • Schedules AlphaKids Helpers and their tasks
  • Provides training for AlphaKids Helpers
  • Ensures safe and fun environment for the kids

AlphaKids Helpers:

  • Help look after the kids registered to the program
  • Runs programs and activities as arranged by the Coordinator
  • Helps in the distributing of meals and desserts

Music Coordinator:

  • Coordinates and schedules the music team
  • Plans and schedules music for session 3 and up
  • Coordinates music for the Weekend Away

Music Team:

  • Singers, instrumentalists
  • Prepare song set for Music Coordinator
  • Perform songs for Alpha Sessions and Weekend Away


  • Set up sound and computer equipment
  • Prepare videos before people arrive
  • Prepare lyrics for worship team
  • Clean up and shut down all equipment

Communications Coordinator:

  • Gathers communication needs for Alpha
  • Organizes the communications for email or blog entry
  • Send update emails to mail-list
  • Send blog entries to Alpha webmaster

Alpha Assistant:

  • Assists wherever needed
  • Ensures the book baskets have the necessary materials (sharpened pencils, manuals, notebooks)
  • Monitors the ‘behind the scenes’ work
  • Assists with registration and greeting
  • Oversee AlphaKids program